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Lifetime Protection Plan for Your Vehicle with BG Services


Helping You Keep Your Vehicle Going for Many Years to Come

We will decrease your cost of ownership by helping you properly maintain your vehicle. Our goal is to help you keep you car for 350,000 km and beyond. It makes financial sense to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance to keep it running reliably and safely for many years of driving pleasure.

We offer a Lifetime Protection Plan to all our valued customers who follow our Scheduled Maintenance Services schedule. The plan protects the six key systems in your vehicle: engine, transmission, brake, power steering, cooling and driveline. Plus, the plan is transferable if you decide to sell your car.

We use quality BG flush products to help enhance and prolong the life of your vehicle. These products have increased the reliability and performance of the vehicles that they have been used on. These BG products are backed with a Lifetime Protection Plan that provides “protection for life” to the serviced components.



The Lifetime Protection Plan


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Receive the cost of prior services off of future related repairs. Services must be performed at Vaughan Auto Service and must be performed at the proper intervals to qualify. Call and ask our Service Advisor for details.